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Joy Valley Children's Home is a Charitable Organization based in Kayole, Nairobi. It was founded in 2005 by Pastor Jared Otieno Ogutu and his wife. Later other members of the community joined to give them support and voluntary services.

Joy Valley is a three-in-one dimension Centre whose target is giving shelter to the homeless, education to the less fortunate, and spiritual nourishment. In other words, it is Joy Valley Children's Home, School, and Church which operates under one Ministry.

Pastor Jared is a born again Christian aged 37, who was called by the Lord after undergoing terrible moments in his life both physically, mentally and emotionally. He was born in 1971. In the year 1990, he lost his left hand and now he is an amputee. He burnt in a burning charcoal jiko. He married one year after this accident and since 1991-1996, he was a total drunkard, a great robber and prostitute, whose main aim was to walk from one bar to another. He later ended up as a street boy, leaving his children and wife staggering as though they were orphaned. Thank God a year after the death of his father, the late Jonathan Ogutu, being an orphan and drunkard and vagabond, and having been abandoned by wife and children because the terrible life, one Sunday morning, the year 1997, he heard a call saying: "Jared, Jared, Jared, I want you to serve me by comforting the wounded, broken-hearted and giving hope to the hopeless and let them know from your testimony, where I picked you from and what I can do for them if they depend on me wholeheartedly."
Pastor Jared (left above) Baby Joy Colin Bond (right below: her right hand scalded accidentally by boiling water)

He served the Lord as an Apostle and a Missionary taking the Gospel around Kayole and different parts of Kenya. From 2005, He called me again in a new Ministry, which was to minister to the widows, disabled, HIV-infected and street children. And from there he was called again to give Home to the Homeless and Orphaned he had ministered to, and a holistic ministry to the less fortunate.

The first plot was offered by the Area Chief who was touched to see Jared's life had changed; a friend build a self-contained for him, and he later joined disabled hawkers at the City Centry where he merged to build two rooms plus the support of the same friend, Colins Bond. When people were rending the two rooms, the call was too strong and he was forced by the supernatural power and the compassionate heart for the needy to remove the two tenants and from there Joy Valley Children's Home was borne with six orphans on 30th March 2005. Now the population has risen to 90 orphans living in the Centre and 210 day scholars, totaling 300 children.

The Centre has now expanded to Form one to Two (Grade 9 and 10). The secondary students learn/study from external centres. But we are trusting God for our very own secondary section.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Joy Valley Children's Home and Centre is managed by a group of Board Members comprising the following:

1. Jared Otieno Ogutu: Founder/Director/Chairperson

2. Treasurer/Matron: Caren Atieno Otieno

3. Manager/Christian Union Leader: Irene Anyango Ouma.

4. Co-ordinator/Maintenance: Lucas Ouma Milewa.

5. Secretary: Eunice Adhiambo Mugah.

6. Organizing Secretary: Jekoniah Okello.

7: Spiritual Counselling: Pascal Lai.

8: Joshua Ogutu; member

9. Vitalis Okwatch: Member.

10. Victor Omondi Otieno: Member.

11. Roselyne Anyango Otieno: member

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


1. ORPHANAGE HOME: This is one of Joy Valley's most successful pilot projects. It was started on 30th March 2005 with 6 oprhans from Kayole Slums. These children, who have now increased to 70, come from vulnerable and risky backgrounds. This means that if nothing is done about their situation, they could end up dying or being abused by bad people. In most cases, vulnerable boys become street boys or victims of child labour and slavery, or sometimes end up as thugs. Vulnerable girls end up as child sexworkers, prostitutes and housemaids/girls.

Joy Valley's compassionate heart and commitment to the plight of these children has brought tremendous hope in many destitute and miserable lives. Joy Valley cares for the orphans, vulnerable, disabled, destitute and abandoned children by providing food, shelter, clothing, psychological, spiritual and moral support. The children are shown love, care and compassion. These three virtues have tremendous effect on the lives of children; it makes them happier, more fulfilled, and ready to give back to the community.

2. JOY VALLEY SCHOOL: All school going children are allowed to join the Joy Valley School which has Classes 1-8. The school provides an education curriculum based on the Ministry of Education 8:4:4 system. The main objective of the education is to prepare the children for career life that would ensure the child survives on his/her own in the world. The school has 70 boarders and 230 day-scholars. The current total number of pupils in the school stands at 300. This year, Joy Valley has its first KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Pimary Education) Candidates. They are 6 in number and will seat for their KCPE Exams in November.

The school also has a special section that cares for very young children below 3 years. This is called Baby Class, Nursery and Pre-Unit. Currently there are 60 pupils in this section. This is the most sensitive section in the school because it deals with children at the tenderest stage, hence the teachers in this section are those who have gone through ECD (Early Childhood Development).

Activities of the school include:

a) Learning.
b) Extracurricular activities such as: debate, traditional dances, drama and scouting.
c) Educational trips/tours.

3. JOY VALLEY CHURCH: Since the foundation was laid on Godly way after the tremendous call to salvation and total deliverence, Pastor Jared was also called to raise these children in God-fearing ways to be God-fearing leaders. Furthermore, since our call is to give hope to the hopeless, we do minister to the widows, disabled and the less fortunate. We believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to deliver these children from their old habitual characters, and to make them servants of the most High God. The church membership as at now stands at 100. Most members come from Joy Valley Home, and another membership comes from the surrounding Kayole slums. The activities carried out in the church include:

Joy Valley Praise and Worship Team (Top). Bible Study(Bottom).
a)Missionary Work.
b) Evangelism.
c) Workshops and seminars.
d) Holistic Ministry, Self-Empowerment and sustainability.

4. VOCATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL: This section is for those who are past school going age and adults who are talented in various handworks and handcrafts. It includes jewelery, barbershop, hairdressing, music, welding, knitting, poultry, cattle rearing, tailoring, carpentry, and masonry. Currently there 20 trainnees in the Vacational School.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


1. COMPLETION OF DORMITORIES: There are two big dormitories currently under construction and they need completion. One is for the girls and the other is for boys.
a) Girls Dormetories: Needs flooring and plastering. It requires construction materials as follows: ballast, sand, steelrods, cement, wiring and painting. These materials need Kshs. 150,000/- ($2,380.9 or Euros 1,595.744, or Pounds 1,171.875).
b) Boys' Dormitories: It also needs flooring, and plastering and the same material as the Girls i.e Kshs. 150,000/-

2. TOILETS AND BATHROOMS: The centre is currently raising funds to construct two toilets and bathrooms for boys and girls. These facility requires construction materials worth Kshs. 250,000/- ($ 3,968.254).

3. CLASSROOMS: There are also 8 (eight) classrooms to be constructed to accommodate the rising number of children. Currently, the pupils are sharing classrooms, while Baby Class, Nursery and Pre-Unit are using one of the unfinished dormitories, so do Classes One and Two. This will require Kshs. 100,000/- or $ 1,587.3 for each class. (100,000/- x 8) = 800,000/- or

4. FEEDING PROGRAMME: There are 300 children in the Centre. Each child consumes Kshs. 100/- per day. Therefore, 300 will consume 100/- x 300 = 30,000/- per day, 210,000/- per week, 840,000/- per month, and Kshs. 10,080,000/- per year.

Joy Valley children enjoying meals.

5. BEDS AND MATRESSES: The Centre is also working on ways to raise funds for purchasing beds and matresses.

Currently, Joy Valley has 14 members of staff comprising The Teaching Staff and non-teaching staff. These staff are all volunteers who assist in the daily running of the Centre. There are 10 teachers, 3 cooks and 1 watchman. Each one of these important staff is entitled to an allowance of Kshs. 5,000/- (five thousand ) for upkeep and maintenance. Joy Valley welcomes any well-wishers, donor or sponsor whom God has touched to support these wonderful people who are doing the noble task of assisting the destitute. The total per month is:
14x5,000/- = Kshs. 70,000/- ($1060.6)

7. MONTHLY ELECTRICITY BILL:In order to maintain the children in a healthy and conducive environment, the centre requires electricity. The Centre incurs a monthly electricity bill of about Kshs. 7,500/-. The Centre management would appreciate support on this.

8. GAS COOKER: The Centre uses a Gas Cooker in combination with charcoal and firewood. The gas cooker has to be refilled once a month at a cost of Kshs. 10,000/-.

9. WATER TANK: The Centre also requires a water storage tank with a bigger capacity in order to store water during scarcity.

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P.O BOX 25451-100 NAIROBI
TEl +254 734 952847 OR +254 711269179.
E-MAIL: or

BANK: Barclays Bank of Kenya
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0471092096


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 5-02-0489095


M-PESA 0711269179.